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Prenuptial agreements important if gay marriage is legalized

While the future of same-sex marriage in Michigan is of yet undecided, so is the future of same-sex divorce. In our society, it is simply a matter of practicality that if we are to consider marriage for non-traditional unions, options for divorce should also be considered. For now, legal cohabitation agreements are the most common method of formalizing a union between gay or lesbian partners in Michigan.

How to determine the future of the marital home in a divorce

Divorce is ever easy. The emotional upset coupled with the challenges of property division, child custody, spousal support and other decisions that must be made make divorce a very hard experience. Michigan is an equitable distribution state which means that any division of assets needs to be fair, not necessarily fifty-fifty in terms of value. For many couples, houses are the most valuable assets to be split when getting divorced.

Future worth of marital property can affect taxes

Michigan is one of 41 states in the country that follows the laws of equitable division for divorce purposes. Property division in Michigan does not have to be exactly equal but simply fair. Quite often, divorce settlements are both fair and equal in value but that is not a requirement of the law nor does it always happen. Whether a divorce includes simple property division or complex property division, there can be many challenges associated with such decisions.

Business interests can be at risk in divorce

The challenging natures of decisions that must be made in a divorce make it important for couples to seek the input of neutral third parties. Any Michigan residents who have experienced a divorce themselves can attest to this. Divorce settlements can entail details regarding property division, spousal support, child custody and more. Whether simple property division or complex property division, the process is rarely easy on anyone involved.

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