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Retirement account handling during divorce requires care

Divorce settlements are complex and often include details relating from child support to complex property division and many things in between. Michigan couples can be overwhelmed by the immediate needs of identifying child custody and division of tangible marital assets can find it difficult to focus on longer-term topics such as retirement accounts but the importance of identifying a property division plan for all assets, whether tangible or intangible, at the time of the divorce cannot be stressed enough.

Alimony and child support sought from ex-husband's income source

Divorces with minor children can be extremely complex. Not only do Michigan couples need to find a way to divide marital property and assets but they must identify legal custody and physical custody of their children as well as child support agreements, visitation plans and more. Even after decisions are reached or judgments provided by the court, there can still be challenges if one spouse does not adhere to the stipulations.

New tax law only one small step for same-sex couples

Gay and lesbian couples around the nation, as in Michigan, continue to face uphill battles for equal rights. A handful of states allow and recognize same-sex marriages and even have rules for same-sex divorces but most still ban people in non-traditional unions from being married and enjoying the same benefits as heterosexual married couples.

Understanding the high cost of child support

A divorce is typically one of the hardest things a person can experience. From the emotional trauma to the financial challenges associated with it, divorce affects every portion of a person’s life. The impact is even greater when there are minor children involved and decisions relating to parenting time, child support and more must be agreed upon.

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