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Recording star Usher will keep custody of children after hearing

Whenever a couple with children decides to divorce there are many challenges for everyone involved. When a divorce includes a child custody battle it can be an even more difficult process for each party in the equation. Anyone in the Clinton Township area who is facing a child custody battle should understand all the legal aspects involved.

A judge has dismissed a request from R&B singer Usher’s ex-wife to gain temporary custody of the former couple’s two children. The singer has had primary custody of the two boys since he and his ex-wife divorced several years ago. Tamika Foster Raymond made the request after the former couple’s 5-year-old son nearly drowned in a pool accident, recently. However, the judge dismissed the case because of a lack of evidence that the accident could have been prevented.

According to court documents, the boy got stuck in a pool drain and nearly drowned. Ms. Raymond claimed that her son had been left unsupervised while her ex-husband was out of town. However, according to Mr. Usher’s attorney he was actually just a couple miles away and the singer’s aunt was watching his children. 

Although divorce includes many factors, probably the most important thing to consider is any child that may be involved. Divorce can be extremely hard for anyone, but it can be especially damaging to children. If a person finds him or herself in a custody battle, he or she might want to speak with an experienced family law attorney. A family law lawyer will help a person fight for the custody of his or her children.

Source: Time, “Judge sides with usher in child custody battle,” Kate Brumback, August 9, 2013

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