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July 2013 Archives

High asset divorce leads to jail time for wife

If you decide to file for divorce in Michigan, there are many factors to consider. One of the most troublesome aspects of divorce for some couples is property division. This is especially true if the couple has a lot of assets.

NBA star facing another lawsuit by ex-wife

Divorce is always a challenging time for all those involved, in Clinton Township as with anywhere else. Sometimes it can be more difficult for one of the parties involved than the other. This is often the case when the separation is a high asset divorce and a lot of money is involved. Some parties find it especially difficult to let go.

Court awards custody of orphaned child to mother’s cousin

Any time the custody or guardianship of a child is in question in Clinton Township it’s very important for a parent or guardian to understand the laws that apply to his or her case. Sometimes people have misunderstandings about how the system works, which can affect the outcome of the case.

Adoption rights for parents of Native American children clarified

The battle over a child can be a very difficult and even traumatic experience for all those involved. There are so many things to consider in a child custody case, not the least of which is the well being of the child. When someone in Clinton Township is facing a custody battle he or she needs to know how adoption and child custody laws apply to his or her case. 

Parents of teen mom seeking sole rights in child custody battle

The battle over a child, whether between a married or unmarried couple, can be a very difficult circumstance. Although both parents typically want what's best for the child, there are many factors that determine what exactly is best for the child or children in question. It's important that a person facing a custody battle in Clinton Township knows all the legal ramifications.

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