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Divorce details of NASCAR chairman made public

In most divorce settlements, exes must divvy up and decide who gets to keep the family home, car(s) and personal possessions. Additionally, financial assets are often equally divided including monies held in retirement accounts, pensions and investments. For most Americans, the divorce settlement process is fairly straightforward and largely dictated by state laws. In divorces involving couples of considerable wealth, the divorce settlement process can be extremely complex, contentious and time-consuming.

Why staying together for the kids may not be the best option

In years past, Americans had very definitive ideas about how people should live their lives. Americans were expected to go to school, graduate, start working, get married and have children. The end. Regardless of whether a spouse drank too much or failed to take an active role in raising the children, couples by-and-large persevered and stayed married. 

Child custody disputes: when it makes sense to stop fighting

Most Michigan residents have likely seen plenty of stories of Hollywood couples embroiled in bitter divorces and custody battles. While these types of high-asset divorces and child custody battles grace the cover of the most-recent gossip magazines, thousands of lesser-known couples around the country wage their own divorce and child custody wars.

No prenuptial agreement for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

Thirteen years after first walking down the wedding aisle, Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston is planning to make that walk again. The 44-year-old actress is engaged to 41-year-old actor Justin Theroux and the two are reportedly planning to wed within the next few months. While friends of the former Friends star are thrilled she's found love again, many report being concerned by Aniston's recent decision not to sign a prenuptial agreement.

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