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Looking for your money's worth? Dial Lorrie Zahodnic. There are no promises, she never holds back, straight forward. Best of all the more twisted your case is the harder she works.......... After 8 years in the judicial system, I thank my lucky stars the day I picked up a Michigan magazine only to read about Lorrie Z. and her profile. Again; straight forward, listens and after you've worked with her you walk away with so much more knowledge of how our system works. There's an old saying: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.


If you are looking for an attorney to handle your divorce or post-judgment divorce issues, Lorrie Zahodnic is for you! Lorrie is fair, just and professional. She will know how to handle any situation from the extremely delicate to extremely difficult. Lorrie fights for you when you are unable to do so. Her office has handled all of my legal needs with the utmost respect and professionalism. I'm extremely satisfied with her legal knowledge and would not even think about hiring anyone else.


Lorrie is a god send. She is honest. Does what she tells you she will do'.She is worth every dollar!! You get what you pay for and you get the best if you hire her. God bless Lorrie. You can call me to confirm everything I have said about her. My name is Walt,,,,,, 248-240-9712. She has helped me in more than one category in this forem... Family, Divorce and so on.


Lorrie is an honest, caring lawyer and put me at ease during my circumstances and emotions. She was my backbone. I highly recommend Lorrie for any of your needs. She is very educated and will work to the best of her ability for you.


Lorrie J. Zahodnic

"I will hold you up until you can stand on your own two feet."

Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C. has provided skilled and compassionate legal guidance to Michiganders in family law matters for over 20 years.

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